8 Ways to Get Your Kid to Read More

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Not only do many kids stop reading for fun around age 9, we’re also in the midst of a pandemic that has brought much of their learning into the virtual space. That has many parents and educators worried about the potential for a “COVID slide,” in which some kids fall behind academically—even more than they would during a more typical “summer slide.” One of the best things kids can do right now is read, read, and read some more—but getting them to do so is often easier said than done.

Some kids practically grow up in a corner alone, their face ever-buried in a book. But others would rather do just about anything besides read one sentence more than they absolutely have to for school. For those kids—the reading-resistant—a few extra tactics can go a long way toward helping them develop a love of reading.

We’ve written a lot over the years about getting kids to read more; here are our favorite ideas for you to try. (If you have more, drop them in the comments!)

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