Don’t Cut Your Fudge Before You Ship It

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Shipping treats to family and friends is one tradition that’s probably getting more play than usual this year. Cookies are the go-to, but fudge is an equally delicious confection with a dense, brick-like nature that makes it just a little easier to ship. There are, of course, some rules.

Fudge squares may look a little more appealing than a giant block of the stuff, but there are two reason you don’t want to send pre-cut fudge. For one, fudge can dry out and get crumbly when exposed to air, and cutting it up increases the amount of surface area that is exposed. Shipping it in a single slab keeps a much larger portion untouched by the elements.

Then there is the matter of temperature. Even if you are shipping from one chilly place to another, your fudge will still mostly likely encounter some temperature fluctuations. An ice pack of some sort can help with unseasonable warmness, but a large portion of fudge stands up better to these fluctuations than a bunch of tiny cubes. Even if the slab melts a little and resets, it will do so less than tiny cubes, which are much more likely to melt and settle back into a shape that does not look all that great.

The easiest way to prevent shape shifting while protecting your fudge from air? Send it in the tray it was set in. You should obviously use a tray you wouldn’t mind never seeing again—the disposable aluminum ones work great for this. Cover the top with plastic wrap (or just wrap it around the entire tray), pack it with a little padding so it doesn’t jostle around too much, and throw in a gel ice pack if you think your fudge will encounter a heatwave. (Just make sure to put any ice pack in a freezer bag so it doesn’t leak everywhere or perspire on your fudge. No one likes sweaty fudge.)

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