Healthcare Professional Third-Party Clinic User Manual

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This section will show you how to add and manage recipients in VAMS.

The boxes below are clickable links to the corresponding pages in this user manual.

Adding Recipients

Add Recipients One at a Time

Manually add recipients in VAMS one at a time.

Bulk Upload Recipients jump link to section

Fill in the most recent version of the Recipient Import Template to bulk upload multiple recipients in VAMS.

Other Recipients

Use the search feature on the Other Recipients tab to search for recipients who have already been added in VAMS. If desired, add them to your clinic to receive vaccination.

Managing Recipients

Document Prevaccination Actions

Both the clinic administrator and the healthcare professional at a third-party clinic can document the completion of Prevaccination Actions.

Track Next-Dose Eligibility (if applicable)

Both the clinic administrator and the healthcare professional at a third-party clinic can track next-dose eligibility.

Export Recipients

Export recipient data from your clinic and download the file to your device.

Remove Recipients

Remove recipient records from your clinic.

Add Recipients in VAMS

Since vaccine recipients will not be creating their own account and entering their information in VAMS, they will need to be added in VAMS by a clinic administrator or healthcare professional.

You will need the following information about the recipient to add them in VAMS:

  • First and Last Name
  • External System ID (optional). You can use this field to capture existing patient IDs, if applicable. When entered, clinic administrators and healthcare professionals can then search for recipients by their External System ID.
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Home Address
  • Contact Information (optional). A recipient’s email address, home phone number, and/or cell phone number as well as their preferred method of contact can be added in VAMS. If SMS is selected as the preferred contact method, VAMS will send the recipient a verification code via SMS. You must enter this code to continue adding the recipient. You can also add contact information to an existing third-party recipient’s record in VAMS. Third-party recipients who provide an email address or phone number and elect to receive communications from VAMS will receive follow-up communications from VAMS via their preferred contact method (e.g., communications about reporting adverse events and reminders for next- dose eligibility).
  • Whether the prevaccination actions have been completed. Prevaccination actions include screening the recipient for contraindications, providing the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Fact Sheet or a Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) depending on the vaccine product(s) available to the recipient, and acquiring authorization, if required. If the prevaccination actions have not been completed, you or the healthcare professional can edit this response at any time after the recipient has been added in VAMS.
  • Insurance information (optional)

Notes about adding recipients in VAMS:

  • An auto-generated number called a VAMS ID will be created for each recipient added in VAMS. These system-generated IDs are not editable and are assigned to all existing and future recipients upon record creation. VAMS IDs are searchable on the Manage Recipients and Other Recipients tabs and will appear on recipients’ vaccination certificates.
  • The system will perform a duplication check when recipients are added to a third-party clinic, regardless whether they are added individually or via bulk upload. The duplication check will review first and last name, date of birth (DOB), ZIP code, and External System ID (if provided) and will not allow two recipients with the same name, DOB, ZIP code, and External System ID (if provided) to be added.
  • After adding recipients, you can edit their information, including name and home address and whether their Prevaccination Actions have been completed, by navigating to the Manage Recipients tab, clicking on the name of the user you want to edit, then clicking Edit Recipient Details under the Recipient Details tab.
  • Prior to adding a recipient in VAMS, you can search on the Other Recipients tab to see if they have already been added by another VAMS clinic. If desired, you can then add them to your clinic to receive vaccination. to administer vaccine. More information about the search functionality on the Other Recipients tab can be found in this user manual.

Add Recipients One at a Time, via Bulk Upload

On the Manage Recipients tab, there are two ways to add recipients in VAMS – one at a time or via bulk upload.

Add Recipients One at a Time

  • Click the Add Recipient on the Manage Recipients tab, which is also your third-party clinic’s home page in VAMS.
  • Enter the recipient’s information. Note that fields marked with a red asterisk are required. Click
  • Enter the recipient’s insurance information (optional). Click
  • Review all information entered on the Add Recipient pages and verify everything is correct. If so, click Next. If not, click Previous to make corrections.
  • After clicking Next, the recipient’s record is saved in VAMS.

Add Recipients via Bulk Upload

Bulk uploading allows you to add multiple recipients at once by adding their information in a comma delimited (.csv) template and uploading it in VAMS.

  • Click Import Recipients on the Manage Recipients
  • Click the Recipient Import Template link in the pop-up window that appears. After clicking the link, the template file will download to your computer.
  • Open the file and enter the recipients’ information.
  • Save the file as a CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv) You can find this option under the “Save As” drop- down menu in Excel.
  • Click Upload Files in the Import Recipients pop-up window. You can also drag and drop your organization list in the “Drop Files” area of the pop-up window.
  • Click Close.

Important Notes About the Recipient Import Template File:

  • The file opens on your computer as an .xlsx file, but you must save it as a “CSV UTF-8” (comma delimited or .csv) file after entering all information and before uploading it to VAMS. No other types of csv files are accepted in VAMS.
  • You must use the most recent version of this template when uploading a list of recipients in VAMS. Please ensure you download the latest version of the import template each time you attempt to bulk upload recipients in VAMS to take advantage of constant improvements and to avoid data issues/inconsistencies.
  • All fields within the template marked with an asterisk are required. VAMS will not upload a recipient if any of the required fields are left blank.
  • Fields that contain a pick list or drop-down options must contain a selection.
  • The recipient’s DOB must be in MM/DD/YYYY format.
  • VAMS will not upload duplicates if someone is listed in the csv file multiple times or if they have already been added in VAMS. The system identifies duplicates using a combination of the recipient’s first name, last name, and DOB.
  • There is a file size limit of 25 MB.
  • You are limited to uploading a maximum of 9,999 recipients at one time. If the file contains 10,000 or more recipients, the following error message will appear: “The file uploaded has more than 9,999 records which exceeds the limit of the Import Functionality. Please try again.”
  • After inputting recipient information and saving the Recipient Import Template as a CSV UTF-8 file, you should close the file and immediately upload it into VAMS. Do not reopen the file on your computer between conversion and upload. In some cases, reopening the file after saving as a CSV UTF8 file could alter field properties and cause the recipient upload to fail.

Quick Tip: A comma-separated values (CSV) file is a delimited text file that uses a comma to separate values. A CSV file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain text.

Confirm Bulk Upload

After importing a list of recipients, the following processes automatically occur in VAMS:

There are two main sections on the Import Details page:

  • Import details, which include the import ID, who created it, and the date created.
  • Notes and Attachments table, which includes two files: a Result Log for Bulk Upload file and the recipient import file you uploaded.
    • The Result Log for Bulk Upload file shows the results of your file upload.
  • Click the Result Log for Bulk Upload link to open the file.
  • Scroll to the right until you see the status column. The status column shows whether a recipient was added in the system.
  • All recipients who have a status of Success have been uploaded in the system.
  • Recipients whose statuses include an error message were not uploaded in the system and the message will tell you why.

NOTE: When bulk uploading recipients, VAMS will cross-check them against existing recipients who have been entered in VAMS.

  • If a recipient does not exist in VAMS, the system will create a new record for that person on the Manage Recipients
  • If a recipient was previously removed from your third-party clinic or if a recipient already exists in VAMS, they will not be added to your clinic via bulk upload. To add them to your clinic, use the search feature on the Other Recipients tab in VAMS to search for recipients and then add them to your clinic. For information about the Other Recipients jump link to section tab in VAMS.

Quick Tip: Once recipients have been added in VAMS, you can edit their information, including if their Prevaccination Actions have been completed from the Manage Recipients tab. Click the name of the recipient whose record you want to edit, then click Edit Recipient Details below the Recipient Details tab within the recipient’s record.

Remove Recipients

You can remove recipients by clicking the drop-down arrow on the right side of their row in the Manage Recipients table. After clicking Remove, you must confirm you wish to remove them before VAMS will remove the recipient from your clinic.

Other Recipients

Search for Recipients Already in VAMS       

Prior to adding a recipient in VAMS, you can use the search feature on the Other Recipients tab to see if they have already been added in the system. The search feature will search for all recipients in VAMS, including those who have registered their own accounts at standard and mobile clinics as well as those who were added by other third-party clinics. It will also search for recipients who were previously removed from your clinic. Once you find a recipient in the system, you can then add them to your clinic to receive vaccination.


  • You cannot add recipients to your clinic who already have an appointment scheduled at another clinic.
  • You cannot add recipients to your clinic who have completed their vaccination schedule.
  • Click the Other Recipients
  • Click Find a Recipient in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Search for the recipient’s record by entering their email address, VAMS ID, or external ID, or by entering their first and last name and date of birth. Note in the second option, the first three fields are required as indicated by a red asterisk.
  • Click
  • The results of your search will appear at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you find your desired recipient, click the checkbox to the left of their name, then click Add Recipient in the top right corner of the Search Results table.
    • After adding the recipient, you will see a green alert at the top of the screen confirming you successfully added the recipient to your clinic.
  • If you cannot find the recipient you’re looking for and still want to add the recipient to your clinic, click Back to Portal. After returning to the Manage Recipients tab, click Add Recipient to add the recipient as a new recipient in VAMS.

NOTE: Recipients added to your clinic by using the search feature on the Other Recipients tab will remain on that tab and will not appear on the Manage Recipients tab. The Manage Recipients tab will contain recipients newly added in VAMS by your clinic staff.

Export Recipients

If desired, you can use VAMS to export recipient data from your third-party clinic. You can use Export Recipient Data on the Manage Recipients tab to export recipient data within a certain date and time range. Note that VAMS only exports recipients added to your third-party clinic during your specified date and time range. For example, if you added a recipient to your clinic on March 1, and you export recipient data from March 5 to March 15, the recipient you added on March 1 will not appear in your export file.

  • From the Manage Recipients tab, click Export Recipient Data on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the start date and time and end date and time for the recipients you want to export.
  • Click
  • The export file will download to your device and can be opened as an Excel document.
  • Your VAMS export file contains the following recipient information:
    • Date added to your clinic
    • Salutation (if applicable)
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Date of birth
    • Email address (if provided)
    • Phone number (if provided)
    • Dose (1st/2nd)
    • Vaccine name
    • If prevaccination actions are complete
    • Next COVID-19 vaccine eligible date
    • Recipient type (e.g., recipient or other recipient, if the recipient was added via the Other Recipients tab)

NOTE: You can export up to 5,000 recipient records at one time. If the export file does not successfully download to your device, please revise your export start date and time and end date and time and try again.

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