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Collage of three off-the-wall YouTube channel videos, including Simone Giertz, The Slow Mo Guys, and Monster Factory

Maybe you recently blew through your Netflix queue. Maybe you’re just bored. Whatever the case, you need something new to watch and instead of recommending something on Netflix, we’re recommending some off-the-wall YouTube channels. From ridiculous robots and epic food challenges to competitive marble racing and slow motion explosions, we found all kinds of weird and entertaining stuff.

Simone Giertz

Self-branded as “the queen of shitty robots,” Simone Giertz has an exciting YouTube channel filled with videos centered on engineering, robots, and general inventiveness. She has made robots to wash hair, apply lipstick, clap, chop vegetables, and so much more. Simone has created multiple videos that have gone viral for their creativity, like The Wake-Up Machine and her unique fake vehicle, the Truckla.

Simone’s charming awkwardness and amateur engineer know-how make her entirely endearing, as does the fact that she speaks several languages and spent a year studying to be an astronaut. In fact, the only time her videos are improved is when she works with other engineers, like Adam Savage, Kari Byron, and Physics Girl. What else could we say—Simone’s simply adorable.


At Drawfee, friends Nathan, Jacob, Julia, and Karina turn “dumb ideas into even dumber drawings.” The channel is a ton of fun, with its live-illustration and improv comedy. It’s packed to the brim with unique drawing challenges and talented guests (and we’re totally jealous of their drawing skills).

Drawfee has exciting 30-second drawing challenges where artists have just half a minute to draw a randomly assigned character. There are also themed challenges—like Norse Mythology, Magic Cards, or drawing Gigantamax Pokemon from memory—and games such as celebrity Pictionary. It’s exciting to see such fierce creativity on the fly, and their hilarious chemistry keeps you glued to the screen.

Jelle’s Marble Runs

The pandemic has stopped many sports dead in their tracks, but for some—like Jelle’s Marble Runs—the race goes on. Though marble racing might seem underwhelming or even silly at first, it’s (surprisingly) thrilling to watch the Marble League’s teams battle it out for first place in Marbula One races and other competitions.

The channel has remarkable production quality complete with well-made arenas and tracks, professional announcers, and a colorful marble “audience.” But the most important part of any sport is the teams. And boy, does Jelle’s have teams. The Marble League is full of amazing teams like Midnight Wisps, Jawbreakers, Savage Speeders, Team Galactic, Raspberry Racers, Minty Maniacs, and more. Each team even has set marble team colors, logos, and merch.

Good Mythical Morning

If it’s lighthearted chaos you’re after, look no further. The two hosts of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link, have been friends since first grade and are always up to something ridiculous and food related. They eat weird food concoctions, try to distinguish between brand name and generic foods, and try to polymorph foods into other types of foods (like turning a Subway sandwich into a pot pie). Rhett is typically the more open-minded and hungry of the two, while Link consistently finds things to be gross and vomit-worthy.

In addition to food-centric videos, the two also play games or perform experiments from time to time. It’s always something new and creative, like putting weird things in a vacuum, guessing who’s lying, or deciding if kitchen gadgets are worth paying for. Rhett and Link are silly and tons of fun, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to laugh at every video.

The Slow Mo Guys

Here at Review Geek, we are big fans of The Slow Mo Guys. After all, few things are cooler than watching explosions and karate in slow motion. This channel blends science and technology education with entertainment and shows off all kinds of things in slow motion that the average person wouldn’t normally get to see, like fire tornadoes, how a pinball machine works, and how terrifyingly painful leg waxing actually is.

The Slow Mo Guys stars Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, who are best friends originally from the United Kingdom. Dan is a former explosives expert from the British Army, and Gavin is the guy behind the high-speed Phantom cameras. Over the years, the two have teamed up with celebrity athletes, science institutions, and weapons experts to get slow motion footage of unique things like wave pools, tanks firing 50-pound shells, and fire-breathing backflips.


This channel is straightforward and simple: Saxsquatch. It’s Sasquatch standing in nature playing classic hits like Hotel California, Tequila, and Take Me Home Country Roads on a saxophone. Of course, it’s not really Sasquatch, but rather a saxophonist in a pretty convincing suit. We can all just pretend it’s Sasquatch, though, right?

Saxsquatch sticks mostly to classic rock, but if you look hard enough you’ll find gems that he’s played from other genres, too. It’s also worth noting that Saxsquatch abides by one simple mantra: “Believe in yourself even when no one else does.” That’s precisely the kind of cryptid confidence everyone should have.

Monster Factory

Too many of us brush past the character creation phase of a new video game in favor of jumping right into the action. But the guys over at Monster Factory don’t. In this ridiculous series, brothers Griffin and Justin McElroy get wild with sliders and randomizer buttons to create the most outrageous—and honestly, kind of haunting—player characters.

These two have created curious abominations in tons of games, including: Dark Souls, Skyrim, WWE 2K14, Fallout 3, Spore, Second Life, Wii Sports Resort, Tiger Woods 08, Soul Caliber 5, Don Bradman Cricket 14, Oblivion, and many others. Griffin and Justin have created characters so modified they’ve literally broken the game. And if there’s one thing this series has taught us, it’s that there can never be too many sliders in a character creation menu.

Mark Rober

Even though you might not recognize his name, you’ve undoubtedly seen one of Mark Rober‘s videos. He’s the guy that built those fake Amazon packages filled with cameras, stinky spray, and glitter to capture package thieves red handed and teach them a lesson. He also used to work at NASA JPL as an engineer on the Curiosity Rover. Since then, he’s gone on to create tons of other science-centric videos on his channel.

Mark has put himself in a shark cage to see if sharks prefer human blood over fish blood, planted 20 million trees using drones, tested the world’s largest lemon battery, and dropped an SUV on the world’s strong trampoline to see if either would hold up. There is no end to the channel’s wild adventures, and both the science-centric or and plain old fun videos are hard to stop watching.

You Suck at Cooking

On a surface level, You Suck at Cooking appears to be a simple cooking show, but if you look closer, the subtext suggests that it’s anything but. Yes, there is technically cooking, but there are no well-lit professional kitchens with fully stocked pantries and film crews here.

Instead, what we’re left with is raw performance art. Every video is filmed on an iPhone in an underwhelming apartment kitchen, laded with heavily handed edits and absurd dialogue. The narrator guides us through recipes in a hurried deadpan tone, and leans on sayings like “turn the undo to four-hundo” or “sprinkle it with pepper pepper pepper.” He also sprinkles on occasional homebrewed songs and other dramatic bits, like the indescribable Pimblokto plot arc.

You Suck at Cooking is one part cooking show, nine parts performance art, fitting somewhere between a film school piece and a Tim and Eric bit. It’s profoundly curious and absolutely worth watching. Oh, and the recipes always end up looking delicious somehow, too.

How Ridiculous

If you’ve always wondered if you could get a hole-in-one using a slingshot or what would happen when you dropped a wrecking ball into a swimming pool from 150 feet, How Ridiculous has the answers. The Australian sports entertainment channel focuses heavily on bold trick shots and dropping things from steep heights, like a bowling ball onto a trampoline off of a dam.

The on-camera talent for this channel includes Brett Stanford, Derek Herron, and Scott Gaunson. The boys love working with insane materials, like anvils, giant darts, giant axes, lifting stones, and trampolines. They’ve also logged multiple Guinness World Records for lengthy basketball shots and golf putts and have worked with celebrities like Mark Rober, Team Edge, and Tiger Woods.

Marc Rebillet

Some people march to the beat of their own drum, and few more intensely than Marc Rebillet. The unique musician creates digital beats on the spot, loops them, then lays down lyrics live that are often ridiculous and humorous. It’s fun to watch him create an entire song so quickly, plus when a silly mood hits him, you’re in for a ride.

Marc often dons sultry silk bathrobes while recording, and sometimes strips down to his underwear (though we don’t know why—it’s just his vibe, and to each his own). He livestreams on a regular basis and usually has a number up enabling you to call in live and suggest his next song’s theme. His chaotic energy is contagious, and if you don’t mind the occasional vaguely-NSFW lyric, there are great times to be had on his channel.

Translator Fails

Everyone loves dunking on technology fails, but it takes a real genius to turn them into a YouTube channel. Translator Fails does just that, running things like song lyrics and movie quotes through Google Translate, then slapping them back into context with dramatic performances so we can hear how out of context they now sound.

Translator Fails also has videos where Google Translate destroys other things, like a nighttime routine, an explanation of Game of Thrones, and a weather report. Sometimes, the channel’s host, Malinda, will run text through just one language, then back to English. Other times, she’ll run it through five or six before returning it to English, so it’s completely obliterated. The results are mind-bogglingly entertaining.


AirForceProud95 is all flight simulator videos, uploaded by a commercial pilot who claims to spend too much time as a virtual air traffic controller. While it contains plenty of serious videos regarding setups and chaotic landings, the channel is also jam packed with hilarious content.  The funniest moments from Microsoft Flight Simulator over the years are not to be missed, even if you aren’t a huge fan of the game. The channel is the perfect entertainment for anyone who loves flying, either digitally or literally.

Modern Rogue

Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy of Modern Rogue define themselves as professional idiots, and take the time to “field test the things that will make you the most interesting person in the room.” The channels’ name aptly describes the type of videos they make—anything a modern rogue-like person might take an interest in. From DIY weapons and secret military hand signals, to writing hidden messages in open letters and learning which pool hall faux pas you should avoid, you’ll undoubtedly be super cool and well-informed after watching these videos.

The two also touch on a variety of more lighthearted topics, too, like prison cheesecake, torches made using bacon grease, medieval war wrestling, making excellent brisket, understanding a variety of cocktails, and ruminating on the origin of zombies. Brian and Jason stay busy and narrowly avoid getting seriously hurt in most episodes, and their lighthearted chaos makes the channel infinitely watchable.

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