The 10 Best Deals of December 31, 2020

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Thursday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals

It’s the last day of the year before Final Fantasy MMXX-2 sets in, so it goes without saying we’re all in dire need of retail therapy right now. Assuming you haven’t already bought up all the best things we paid real money for in 2020, you’re probably in the mood for savings. And we can’t blame you. Having just come off Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, there’s surprisingly plenty to go around today. Most astonishing to me was a Hisense 4K HDR ultra short-throw laser TV projector for $1,600 off the already discounted sale price using the promo code QQA210. Scroll down, however, and you’ll find deals on CBD, apparel, headphones, VPNs, and more.

If you’re still craving more deals, take a peek at Thursday’s best deals overall.

When I attended CES 2020 what feels like a thousand years ago, my biggest takeaway was that laser TVs are the future of home theater tech. And despite still costing thousands of dollars, Hisense makes some of the most affordable ultra short-throw projectors you can buy from a reputable brand. In fact, I met with the fast-growing Chinese manufacturer at the trade show in Las Vegas back in January and sat in awe at what I’d seen. Before laser TVs, projectors were not only bulky, but they needed to be set up from afar to effectively beam light onto your small movie theater-sized screen.

Considering the impeccable image quality, compact design, and built-in Android smart TV functionality, complete with Google Assistant, $2,399 is a fantastic price for the L5 Series 4K HDR laser TV, and that’s exactly how much you’ll find it for over at BuyDig using the promo code QQA210 at checkout. Granted, you’ll have to make it to the “confirm order” screen before the discount even shows up, but I went through the hassle of testing the coupon before writing this so that you don’t have to. If you’re in the market for a projector, or even an extra-large TV, this one is pretty much indistinguishable from a real IPS display. That includes the blacks, which used to be a weak point for projectors. Not anymore, though you’ll have to pay a premium for quality.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey.

Folks, let me tell you, Sunday Scaries CBD makes a difference, and I’m not just saying that because we get a cut of the sales. I’ve been taking everything from oil droppers, gummies, and “Unicorn Jerky” for months now as a substitute for the, uhh, other substances I started to depend on during lockdown, and it’s made a huge difference. Gummies, of course, are the most fun way to enjoy a healthy dose of CBD—especially when they’re strawberry flavored and infused with vitamin C for an extra boost of immunity. For a limited time you can see what I mean for 25% less than you’d normally pay off the shelf using our exclusive promo code KINJA25, bringing your grand total to just $23 when you subscribe to recurring shipments, or $35 for a single bottle.

They don’t call ‘em Bra Berries for no reason either. For every purchase made, Sunday Scaries donates a portion of the proceeds to The Pink Agenda, a nonprofit organization devoted to breast cancer research fundraising and raising awareness for the disease. Chill out while supporting a good cause and take advantage of this deal sooner rather than later, as this deal only lasts a limited time.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey. 

A knee-high boot is one of the most classic looks in all of fashion. In the ‘60’s it was paired with your mini skirt, in the ‘00s with skinny jeans, and now they even look sharp with leather leggings. If you’re in need of an upgrade for 2021 the Aeronn Dress Boot from Style & Co is what you’ve been searching for. Until Sunday they are 50% off.

Choose from black or brown or both. These are sleek as sleek comes. A great boot is an easy way to elevate the chicness of any ensemble. And actually, there is a two-inch heel so it’s a literal lift. The buckled strap at the ankle adds a nice detail to catch the eye. The sole is slip-resistant so no need to walk gingerly. These boots were indeed made for walking. Most sizes are still available but as most of these deals go they tend to sell out quickly.

These will ship for free and they will be on sale until January 3.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari. 

The end of the year is a great opportunity to revamp your makeup collection. Time to throwout cakey mascara, old brushes, cracked eyeshadow, and dried-up concealer. Sephora is here to help you get the beauty back in your bundle. Take an extra 20% off everything in their sale selection with the code MAJORSALE. Start 2021 with a fresh face of old favorites or try a brand you’ve had your eye on for a lot less.

Speaking of a fresh face, I was lucky enough to test beautyblender’s Bounce Liquid Foundation at the beginning of the year. They really listened to their customers not only in quality but in range. With forty shades this is the most expansive collection the company has ever put out (after rightfully getting read for a limited line of hues). There is a shade finder to help you because I still have no idea what I am even after testing. But I can say it really is long-wearing and breathable. Definitely worth $16.

But before you cover up your few imperfections let’s try to lessen them. You know I couldn’t make this list without including a Korean beauty fave. In honor of the Winter Solstice, Dr. Jart’s Moisture from Head to Toe Set is all about saving dry skin. This three-piece set aims to protect and nourish your face. Each product contains ceramides which act as a barrier to make it stronger, firmer, and glowing. You’ll get a facial barrier mask, ceramidin cream, and ceramidin body lotion.

Now is the time to Too Faced. One of the industry’s best selling brands and it’s easy to see why. Each line they put out is stylishly designed and quality for ultimate beautification. And if you can snag one of their top palettes for over 50% off even better. The Chocolate Gold palette has sixteen shades in a mix of mattes and metallics each infused with real gold and cocoa powder. The classic scented palette Too Faced has come to be known for. All hues are highly pigmented for all-day wear. Stun on your next zoom call or skype date. These colors are gorgeous and translate no matter the medium.

Free shipping on all orders with the code FREESHIP and this deal ends January 1.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.

I’ve tested Mpow products in the past and was always pleasantly surprised at the value to price ratio. They’re quality without breaking the bank. A real holiday treat from the company is their M30 Earbuds. They’re just $20 when you clip the coupon and use the code HNMHPVEQ . This discount will appear once you start the checkout process. This code expires tomorrow and it only works on the black color.

$20 is a great price for an extra set of earbuds. If you’re running errands or just running and you don’t want to take your most expensive buds on the go these are for you. Quick to pair and easy to bounce between tunes and calls. The M30’s are noise-canceling so ideal for travel and just because they are small and fit snuggly doesn’t mean there’s no power in them. Little buds, big bass. They’re sweat-proof so sport it up and fear not about ruining them. You’ll get about 5 hours off of one charge but 25 hours with the charging case. The only blip is if you’re an Android user you have to adjust the volume on your phone to “maximum” first to get the highest volume out of these. Other than that it’s a solid audio device at a solid price.

Free shipping on this item for Prime members.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.

In his roundup of the best VPNs at Gizmodo, Andrew Couts called NordVPN “fast and easy to use,” citing accessibility and affordability as reasons to subscribe. Though it’s almost always marked down from its $287 list price, the 2-year plan is nonetheless the cheapest option to get started with the service and continue using it long-term. For a limited time only, though, it’s not only 68% off, bringing your total to just $89 for 730 days, but it also comes with an extra 3 months, a blessing from the Nordic gods, through January 5.

Couts says in his abbreviated review:

No matter what you pay, you’ll get access to more than 5,400 servers in more than 60 countries, a bunch of features you may or may not want, and, because the company is based in Panama, assurances that your data—or lack of data, as the case may be—is outside of U.S. and European jurisdictions. Like every other VPN on this list, NordVPN claims to have a “strict no-logs policy,” so most of your data isn’t collected, the company says. It does still collect your email address, payment information, and the timestamp of the last time you launched the VPN.

But NordVPN isn’t without its downsides. “…some researchers have found that it sends your email address and Google Ad ID to a marketing company when you register through the Android app and contains some trackers,” Couts explained. “Another downside is that some of NordVPN’s servers are rented, which means another company you need to trust is in the mix. And yes, one of those servers got hacked in 2018.”

Still, if you want one of the most reliable VPN clients, with the budget to support its robust infrastructure, you can’t go wrong with NordVPN. Plus, with availability on virtually every platform imaginable—from macOS to Android TV—it’s equal parts ubiquitous and acclaimed. Endorsed by PCMag, Wired, CNET, Business Insider, and more, it may be time to board the Nord hype train if you’re somehow unwedded to a VPN already.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey.

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Aukey 20,000mAh Power Bank | $36 | Amazon Prime

I’ve been reviewing Aukey products the last few weeks and I’m consistently blown away with their quality. They not only do what they say, they look good while doing it. All sleek and compact. The 20,000mAh Power Bank is one of them. Like many of us, I do so much on my phone and I’m not always near an outlet when I do so. This power bank has saved my butt a time or two and it’s currently 40% off for Prime members at $36.

This is a universal charger with three USB-A slots and is powered up via USB-C or micro-USB port. This is the larger size of the two they offer and chargers faster than others I’ve had. Expect to get about seven full charges for your phones and just about ten for an iPad/tablet. It’s slim so it’ll easily fit in a pocket or purse. It’s also easy to see how much juice you have left with the LED indicator. As with all Aukey items it’s built with safeguards so no overheating or overcharging. And you’ll get a user manual and a twenty-four-month warranty.

Free two-day shipping for Prime members.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.

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Season of the Witch Prequel Novel | $8 | Amazon

The final chapter of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is now on Netflix. If like me you just aren’t ready to fully let the princess of the Underworld go there are some fun supplementary pieces of media out there. Outside of the comics (which are brilliant) there is a trilogy of prequel novels to get your Greendale fix. Season of the Witch is the first in the series and it’s 15% off right now.

This series takes place just before the show starts so it’s a fun lead-in if you were planning a rewatch before binging season four. Here we have our young witch studying magic and all the wonder that will come with her powers. The gang’s all here too: Susie, Roz, Harvey, Hilda, and Zelda. And of course my favorite cousin Ambrose. Sabrina wrestles with the idea that she only has a limited time of normal teen bliss before the big day of becoming a full-fledged witch. Being a Sabrina series you know spells backfire, mysterious spirits interfere, temptations swarm, and intentions go awry. Are you ready to walk down the path of night?

It will ship for free for Prime members if you prefer a physical copy. And the download is instant if you want the digital version.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari. 

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Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the Necrodancer | $30 | Amazon

Are you ready to dance? You can get a physical copy of Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the Necrodancer for $30 and I can groove to that news. The spin-off turns Zelda into an action rhythm game where you move and attack on beat. Most importantly, it boasts an absolutely phenomenal soundtrack filled with killer Zelda remixes that will get your head moving. The physical edition comes with all of the game’s DLC to date, which includes extra modes and characters like Skull Kid. It’s a perfect little package for both Zelda fans and those who love the original Crypt of the Necrodancer.

This deal was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio. 

Making your environment as inviting as possible for a restful night has probably been a goal and/or challenge for a ton of people this year. With so many stressful things going on it can be hard to get the sleep our bodies and minds need. If there is one thing we can ensure is that a good pillow will help. Tommy Hilfiger’s Hypoallergenic Pillow is 50% off and can give you that snoozy peace. Use the code JOY at checkout. This sale will run until Sunday.

This soft/medium density pillow has the clean lines we’ve come to expect from the preppy American brand. Made with SupraLoft polyester fiberfill this pillow is both plush and firm. It works excellent for both side and back sleepers. There’s a 200-thread count cotton cover on each one and can be washed in the machine if needed. Sweet dreams moonbeams.

Free shipping on orders over $25. The deal expires on January 3.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari. 

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