The Best Cordless Drills in 2020

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When people have spare time, some turn to cooking or traveling while others turn to home improvement projects, and that means you need a new cordless drill. If you haven’t invested in one yet, you might be just a little overwhelmed with the options out there. So, I set out to get you the best information with the help of some DIY experts, who offered their thoughts and recommendations.

But before you start shopping for a cordless drill, it is wise to consider your plans for it. Will you be using it just to hang pictures, or will you be building furniture or hanging drywall? If you’re focused on smaller jobs, a budget-friendly drill with fewer fancy features might be exactly what you need. On the other hand, if you’re taking on heavier projects, one that’s tricked out and a little harder on the wallet is probably in order.

Once you know what projects you’ll be tackling, you can effectively sort through the dozens of options, and the thoughts of DIY experts will help you decide which one will be best for your needs.

Best Overall: DeWalt 20V MAX Brushless

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“I refurbish old furniture bringing it new life with modern flare suitable to the taste of those living a city life. Often the refurbishing of pieces includes an element of repair which I’ve learned is most commonly remedied by a drill. I use the DeWalt 20V MAX Brushless. A drill I treated myself to about two years ago. It’s lightweight and charges faster than my cell phone does! I can’t imagine there exists a trade up from the DeWalt 20v MAX Brushless. It’s perfect and reliable.” – Jessica Russell, Furniture Upcycler at Local Laundry

Best With Driver: Worx WX176L 

“My go-to cordless drill is the Switchdriver 2-in-1 from Worx. It’s incredible how convenient this tool is for me. It saves time immensely while drilling pilot holes and then screwing the project together. Just rotate the head. Being able to save time on things like this is especially crucial if you have limited time for your projects due to having young kids. That was the selling point for me.” Kasia Skowronska, Owner of Wooden Pallet Projects

Best for Home Use: Milwaukee M12

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“My favorite cordless drill is the Milwaukee M12. It is a 12 volt, but don’t let that fool you, this little drill has some power! I actually first bought it about 5 years ago when I was having trouble fitting my larger drill into tight spaces working on a bathroom remodel project. I found it online and decided to give it a shot, and I am glad I did. It is lighter weight, [and] it just really feels really good to hold in your hand. The chuck on it is really smooth and solidifies it as a premium tool. I have used this drill in everything from little projects like building storage for my garage, to large remodeling projects over the years and it hasn’t let me down.” – Kevin Bazazzadeh, Owner of Brilliant Day Homes

Best With Two Batteries: Bosch PS31-2A

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“I decided on this drill because I own other Bosch products and I have only had good experiences with them. Bosch is a brand that has a great reputation. I also was looking for a drill that was on the smaller side. The smaller size allows you to get into tighter spaces if needed and for certain DIY projects that is a huge plus. Finally, the price was right. Not the most expensive, not the least expensive, it was the middle of the road. I’ve had this drill for a couple of years now and I love it. I have used it to create numerous DIYS including a headboard, outdoor bar, DIY fireplace, and many many more!” – Cate Griffing, DIY Blogger at West Magnolia Charm

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