The Best of Google’s ‘Best Android Apps and Games’ List for 2020

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Minimal Dungeon RPG

I love dungeon-crawlers, but even I get bored of the same rogue-like approaches and first-person Daggerfall-like stabby-stabs through dark caverns. And while text adventures can be great, they’re not something that generally hook me for a very long time. I need a little bit more than that, but not some turn-based, cheesy adventuring romp.

This is why I love Minimal Dungeon RPG so much. It embodies the characteristics of a dungeon crawl—shanking monsters, getting loot, and levelling up—without needing overly trite graphics. Heck, it even feels like a fresh take. Instead of tapping on actual creatures, you’re tapping on boxes that represent the actions your little adventurer will be doing. So, the game is still graphical and interesting, but it definitely doesn’t feel cookie-cutter. And it’s not too minimalistic to feel hollow.

Other innovative games Google loved this year include:

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