Totally Stuffed: 50 (Cool) Cheap Stocking Stuffers Under $25 for Everyone on Your List

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Cheap stocking stuffers (that are also cool) are easier to find than you think!

Roundup of small gift ideas for different people on your holiday list.

Finding cheap stocking stuffers that are also cute, cool, or at the very least practical, can be tough. But good news, you don’t even have to do the work this year because I’ve rounded up a ton of unique stocking stuffer ideas that are super affordable, for everyone on your list!

There are stocking stuffers for men, stocking stuffers for women, stocking stuffers for kids, stocking stuffers for toddlers, even stocking stuffers for baby. And every single item on this list is under $25!

So whether you’re using these cheap stocking stuffer ideas as actually stocking fillers OR just as an affordable option for presents this year, this list has you covered with 50 budget-friendly gifts (that are also small enough to fit in a stocking just in case).

Roundup of men's product images that are cool stocking stuffers for the holidays.

Stocking Stuffers for Men (under $25)

Lets get the hardest to shop for out of the way first. Because shopping for guys is HARD! Especially when that guy has pretty specific tastes. Throw in the fact that we’re looking for stocking stuffers under $25 and it’s a real challenge.

BUT I think I’ve done it (if I do say so myself)… Well, I may have had a little help. I asked Jeff to weigh in on the places he likes to shop, so I could find cool budget-friendly mens’ stocking stuffers that fit a vibe. And the results are good! Really good. IMO.

Here are the coolest and most unique stocking stuffers for men.

1. Multi tool pen (6 in 1) on Burke Decor $24

It’s like the pen version of a swiss army knife, what’s not to love?

So what does this pen do exactly? Well, it’s a ballpoint pen, a ruler, a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a phone holder, and a stylus! Not bad for $24, right?! Plus, it’s a pretty cool look pen.

2. Soul cleansing soap from Pretend Store $8

I honestly love everything from Pretend Store and ‘soul cleaning soap’ is no exception. Plus, that little snake on the packaging is too cool to pass up, right?

BTW – This soap is made with activated charcoal and smells like bergamot and grapefruit. Yum!

3. Black casio watch on Amazon $12

Not sure you can beat this price for a stocking stuffer. This men’s Casio watch would be great for the guy that’s always losing (or breaking) his watch.

4. Accessory bags on Topo Designs $15-19

I love to gift stocking stuffers like these super durable zip bags from Topo Designs because they’re functional AND look good too. Great for the guy who likes to travel…or just stay organized. Comes in three colors too btw.

5. Burnt khaki beanie on Verishop $19

Can a guy ever have too many hats or beanies? I don’t think so! Might as well throw one in as a stocking stuffer, right?

Also, I love this color. So, if I got this for Jeff, it’d be a like a gift for me too (when I steal it from his closet for myself).

6.  Hand sanitizer from Yield Design $10

We’ve ordered this hand sanitizer several times and LOVE it! Doesn’t dry out your hands and smells amazing. Great for everyone – not just men.

7. Washed cotton boat bag from Urban Outfitters $19

This is a little big for a stocking, but you could totally roll it up long ways and get it into a long stocking, right? Would be a cute weekend bag, grocery / market tote, etc.

8. Higonokami pocket knife on East Fork $18

I got Jeff one of these Japanese knives a couple years ago and he loves it. It’s cool looking and sharp –  good for opening boxes and stuff like that.

9. Le Labo hand pomade on Nordstrom $25

With all the hand washing we all are doing this year, my hands are pretty dry! So everyone, even the guys are getting hand cream in their stockings.

10. The old fashioned cocktail kit on Kaufmann Mercantile $24

Self explanatory. If your guy likes cocktails, this is a no brainer.

Roundup of women's product images that are cool stocking stuffers for the holidays.

Stocking Stuffers for Women (under $25)

Nearly every store you walk into has a handful of cheap stocking stuffers for women. And while I love a good budget friendly option, I also want to make sure my gal pals get something they’ll actually use, something that is good quality, and something that is unique.

That was my main criteria for stocking stuffers for women. It may be affordable, but it doesn’t look, feel, or seem cheap at all. The perfect gift, right?

So here are all the unique stocking stuffers (or budget friendly ‘cool’ gifts) for your best friend, your ‘regular’ (as in not BFF but still very awesome friend), a long distance buddy, etc, etc. Pretty much any cool lady you care about!

1. Herbivore natural coco rose lip conditioner on Amazon $22

I have this exact lip conditioner and use it everyday before I put on lipstick or lip stain.

My lips used to get dry and chapped every winter, no matter what product I used, but since I’ve been using this lip conditioner (for about the last year now) I have had NO chapping whatsoever. Highly recommend!

2. Earl grey tea on Paper and Tea $18 

If you know a tea lover, these teas come in really pretty packaging and would fit nicely into a stocking. There are lots of other flavors too, if this one isn’t a match. Here are all the Paper and Tea tea flavors.

3.  Vanilla and orange peel hand cream on Goop $15

Like I said, everyone is getting hand cream this year.

I’m including this one from Grown Alchemist because it’s my absolute favorite. It smells like creamsicles! AND it’s a v practical stocking stuffer for those winter months.

4. Palm body brush on East Fork $16

This Japanese body brush is said to help increase circulation, improve digestion and kidney function, relieve stress, and more. So yeah, I want one.

5. Canyon Coffee (beans) on Soleil Blue $19 

A coffee that’s packaging is so pretty, you might not even want to use it. But you should!

6. Organic crew socks on General Store $20

Sometimes you just need some basic socks (especially during the winter) and I love the colors of these neutral crew socks. Side note – they must be cool because I’ve seen them online at at least there different independent (and v cool imo) shops so far this month.

7. Glass straw set on Design Milk $18

Ditch the plastic and get someone a set of (really pretty) glass straws to bring with on the go or at home. I love this color combo, don’t you?

8. Moon lists journal on Amazon (and General Store) $14.99

Okay, this one might be a little hippy dippy (nothing wrong with that) bc this guided journal is structured around the phases of the moon.

BUT it’s also a place to write down feelings of gratitude – which I really need to get better at…and maybe you know someone who needs that too?

9. Eames nail polish on J. Hannah $19 

Is there a better stocking stuffer than nail polish? I could always use a new color…and anything from J. Hannah is p much right up my alley.

10. Big  Sur essential oils blend from Norden $20

I haven’t tried this exact scent, but I have tried two of the other ones (Ojai and Idyllwild) and they are amazing. So I’m going to assume they all smell good.

Roundup of kid's product images that are cool stocking stuffers.

Stocking Stuffers for Kids (under $25)

Holiday shopping for kids can be challenging, especially if it’s not your kid. I have several nieces and nephews on my shopping list I need to find gifts for, so I know how it is.

But whether you’re shopping for your own kids, or somebody else’s, this list should have you covered with unique stocking stuffers kids will light up over on Christmas morning.

1. STOJO 16-Ounce Collapsible Cup on Nordstrom $20

A leak-proof cup that works for hot and cold drinks  – water and milk to hot chocolate! Plus, you can steal it for yourself when your kids aren’t looking. Haha.

2. Crochet star wand on Smallable $18

This star wand is so cute for imaginative play. Can you picture it just peeking out the top of a stocking on Christmas morning?

It also comes in several other colors (silver and rose) if the gold isn’t your little ones vibe.

3. Candylab toys wooden tax car on Rose and Rex $18

We have one Candylab car and they’re really good quality! Great stocking stuffer for toddlers and kids or just as a regular gift.

4. Stacking eraser set on Burke Decor $15

This stacking eraser set would look cool as decor – not just sitting on your kid’s desk at home.

5. All of Us Multicultural skin toned crayons on Bella Luna $22

These crayons are great!

Made in the USA without any paraffin or fillers, All of Us Crayons was founded by a young mother, who wanted to make Waldorf-inspired crayons that were eco-friendly AND honored our diverse world.

6. Maileg teddy junior on Murray and Finn $20

Ahh! So cute. And these little teddy juniors can be dressed up in cute clothes too.

7. Bravery issue #13 on Bitte $18

This issue of Bravery is all about marine biologist Eugenie Clark. It goes through Eugenie’s life and work with sharks, fish, and the ocean.

8. Mini pounce crew socks on Hansel from Basel $7

For the animal-loving kiddo. I would totally wear these too, if they made them in my size.

9. Piggy bank on Amazon $18

A literal piggy bank to teach your kiddos how to manage their money a little bit…in a cute pig shaped bank.

10. Bath bombs box on Dabble and Dollop $23.99 

Is this the cutest bath bomb packaging ever?! Possibly. But they’re also 100% natural, vegan, and gluten-free. Also available on Amazon.

Roundup of toddler product images that would be cool stocking stuffers.

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers (under $25)

The toddler stage is when the real fun begins with stocking stuffers, right? Toddlers are starting to grasp the whole gifts and Christmas thing…or at least love ripping the wrapping paper off presents by now.

At this age, those tiny humans are starting to really show their personalities and have particular interests, etc. And that is definitely true for Hayes this year.

He’s into all kinds of things I would have never guessed this time last year – cool books, blocks, bath toys, so many things. And I’m thinking this year the holidays are going to be lots of fun.

But enough about me, this list is for you! Here are 10 cool / unique stocking stuffers for toddlers. Maybe he or she is an artist in the making, a block builder architect, or a little book worm.

I think I’ve got all your toddler stocking stuffer needs taken care of with this list.

1. Wooden toy bus on Scandiborn $20.50

Adorable wooden pull back bus, from Maileg.

2. Sleepy wakey baby mouse on Bitte $22 

This will be one of Hayes’ stocking stuffers this year. Hoping it will be a good way to explain to him that he needs to sleep in his own bed, like baby mouse, each night. Fingers crossed.

3. Collapsible snack cup on Born Baby $20

We have a couple of these snack cups and they are so convenient! They don’t spill, they can be collapsed down to store compact, and they’re not ugly!

4. Mushroom or acorn rattle on Odin Parker $18 each

I bought the acorn one for Hayes, but I really wish I would have gotten the mushroom. It’s SOOOOOO cute! They both are though.


The Little Naturalists board books are pretty cute. We have a few and they each feature a  different (famous) naturalist like Jane Goodall, Ansel Adams, John Muir, etc.

6. Rib knit tights on Taylor + Max $22

Just like socks, tights are a practical thing to throw into stockings.

I’ve said practical a lot so far in this stocking stuffer roundup. Does this mean, I’m going to turn into the mom that puts toothpaste into stockings at some point? Haha.

7. Stacking cups in forest on Darling Clementine $16

We have these (in a different color way) and Hayes has used them since he was 12 months. They’re great for just regular stacking, sorting, bath time, etc.

8. Lele Lerele Doll on Anthropologie  $22

These dolls are so adorable. And they’re under $25! There are lots of larger dolls available too, if you want something bigger than a stocking stuffer, available directly on Lele Lerele.

9. Leaf crinkle toy on Smallable $18

What toddler or baby doesn’t love the noise crinkle toys make when you touch ’em?

10. Organic modeling clay (set of 5) on Ailefo $22 

This modeling clay is for ages three and up! And it’s organic.

Roundup of baby product images that are cool stocking stuffers for the holidays.

Stocking Stuffers for Baby (under $25)

If you have a baby in need of stocking stuffers (or just an affordable, small gift) there are some really good finds on this list.

I always keep my eye out for cool baby things and have collected quite a list of unique baby toys and accessories that would make perfect stocking stuffers for baby.

And if you’re hoping to find something on Amazon, I have a list of cool baby board books, baby bath time toys, and more: all in my Amazon shop.

1. Mini panda on Bitte $19

Is the panda cute or what? The size and cuteness makes for the perfect baby stocking stuffer.

2. Wooden skwish toy on Lil Tulips $18

We have this and it’s a cool little toy for babies and toddlers. Easy to grip and makes gentle musical noises when you shake it or slowly turn it.

3. Ribbed baby booties on Quincy Mae $19.50

These baby booties from Quincy Mae come in tons of colors and are made of 100% organic cotton.

4. Silicone bucket bib on Bitte $13

Great for catching all that food that inevitably doesn’t make it into their mouths.

5. Star music mobile on Toc Toc Kids $23.58

The cutest musical mobile I found. So adorable.

6. Rabbit muslin blanket on Fine Little Day $24

Everything Fine Little Day makes is gold in my book.

7. Wooden teether and rattle on Etsy $21.50

Etsy has some really cute baby items and I love this wooden teether that doubles as a rattle. Great baby stocking stuffer!

8. Mushie rainbow baby teether on Amazon $11.99

I love the Mushie brand and this teether looks super cute. Also available on Bug + Bean.

9. Wooden brontosaurus on Bitte $18

Not a dinosaur fan? No worries – there are TONS of cute wood animal figurines to choose from on Bitte (here’s a link to all of them).

10. Waffle bonnet in gingerbread on Fin and Vince $24

Cute little bonnets for winter. Fin and Vince has such cute stuff.

P.S. If you’re looking for more gift guides like this, be sure to check out my other gift ideas too:

That’s it for the stocking stuffers gift guide. What types of gifts do you love receiving (or giving) most? I’d love to hear!

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