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Illusztráció az egyszerű kávékészülék kombójához, amely végül megakasztott

Fénykép: Whitson Gordon

Néhány évvel ezelőtt végül társadalmi nyomás alá kerültem és megvettem egy Aeropress. It was (and is) all the rage among coffee connoisseurs, and while I definitely don’t fall into that category, I figured why not brew the best cup I could? But honestly, I kind of hated it.

Look, I love the taste of coffee, but I’m far from an expert (so if you are, you can go ahead and stop reading now). My goal isn’t to make the best coffee possible, but to make a decent cup with as little work and by wasting as little space as possible. I could do things the “right” way with a grinder and an Aeropress, or I could do things the ‘90s way and get a bulky drip machine that wastes space on my counter and invokes the ire of my fellow millennial coffee snobs. Neither of those options really fit my needs—in part because both require actual work to clean—so after a couple years of experimentation, I’ve finally found the combo of low-maintenance coffee gear that makes a pretty damn solid cup.

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First, and most importantly, I ditched the complicated gadgets and bought a Kalita Wave. The Aeropress was cool and all, but a little clunky to use, and far more annoying to clean and store. The Kalita Wave, on the other hand, is insanely simple: put in a filter, scoop in your coffee, and pour. Okay, there’s a bit more of an art to it than that, but still: It’s incredibly easy, and while coffee experts give pour-over the love it deserves, it doesn’t seem like it’s trickled down to a lot of the general public yet, if all the tweets I see about Aeropresses are any indication.

I still find it way simpler than the Aeropress, and because it’s ceramic, I can toss it in the dishwasher when I’m done—no fuss, no muss. It’s as easy to use, clean, and store as anything else I’ve tried. And unlike drip machines, it allows you a bit more room for experimentation without making things difficult.

There are also üveg[t|link[p|1846485468[a|B004W5KDRE[au|5716509846451982265[b|theinventory[lt|text”>glass és rozsdamentes acél változatok, és két méretben kapható – a kisebb 155, amely egy-két csészét készít, és a kissé nagyobb 185 két-négy ember számára. Ügyeljen arra, hogy a megfelelő méretet kapja szűrők hogy megfeleljen a modelljének. Ha még nagyobb csoportot kell szolgálnia, akkor a Chemex is an oft-recommended alternative.

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Photo: Whitson Gordon

I had one other gripe with coffee: it never seems to stay hot long enough. Despite the fact that my office is like an oven, it seems like my coffee is too cold to drink before I’m even halfway done—and it’s not like I’m nursing it over the course of an hour here. So I went hunting for something to keep it hot longer, and while the techie in me was tempted by the Ember heated mug, I went with something a little less futuristic: this vaccum-insulated Yeti Rambler. While it isn’t perfect, it does a much better job of keeping my coffee steamy long enough for me to finish drinking. Plus, it comes in 19 colors, though they can vary a bit in price. After using it, I won’t drink a hot beverage from anything else.

This simple duo made coffee low-effort enough that I actually drink it, rather than thinking “ugh, too much work.” The rest of my gear is pretty standard: I use a regular ol’ electric kettle (which Amazon is littered with at megfizethetőáron)[t|link[p|1846485468[a|B07PHRH6TL[au|5716509846451982265[b|theinventory[lt|text”>affordablepricepoints), bár a szakértők javasolják egy ilyen libanyakú modell hogy jobban ellenőrizhessem öntözésedet – még nem jutottam el oda, mióta már nálam volt egy vízforraló, amelyet a teázó feleségem vásárolt. Szűrt vizet is használok – a hűtőmben van egy beépített kancsó, de a standard Brita pitcher would work too.

I don’t, however, grind my own beans because a) I’m not interested in adding more steps to the process, b) I do not need more appliances, and c) I usually make my coffee while my kids are still sleeping, and I’m not about to upset the peace with the cacophony of spinning blades. But my coffee snob friends tell me ezasorjadaráló[t|link[p|1846485468[a|B007F183LK[au|5716509846451982265[b|theinventory[lt|text”>thisburrgrinder ez a jó út, ha magad is őrölni fogod a babot (bár mehetnél is vele megfizethetőbb modell ha a 150 dollár kissé túl gazdag). Én sem használok mérleget, mert mi vagyok én, tudós? A long-handled scoop works fine because I am a busy man, dammit.

Finally, to round out the “please God just make it easy” nature of my combo, I subscribe to once-monthly coffee deliveries from Intelligentsia– megyek a House Blend (általában koffeinmentes), bár néhány ember számára kissé könnyű lehet, ebben az esetben tetszhet egyik zamatosabb sültjük, vagy valami another beanery. Look at what local roasters might have available in your area—you can either go with a subscription service or grab it at the store. Amazon has some options, but I’d only buy it if it comes from Whole Foods—if reviews are any indication, Amazon themselves tend to ship older bags, and you want something freshly roasted.

You may scoff at my choices, but remember: I’m far from a coffee connoisseur. My goal is to make coffee as easily as possible, without a bunch of large appliances and a can of Folgers[t|link[p|1846485468[au|5716509846451982265[b|theinventory[lt|text”>Folgers ül a szekrényemben. Sokat kell még megtanulnom, de a legnagyobb csata a folyamat elég könnyűvé tétele volt, hogy valójában minden reggel meg akartam csinálni – és végül ezt megvalósítottam.

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